3 Factors to Assess Carefully When Purchasing Used Side Tippers

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Do you need a side tipper at an affordable cost? Instead of purchasing a new side tipper, you can get one at a fraction of the price by going for a used one. However, there are various checks that you have to conduct to ensure that it is ideal for your use.

The service history

The service history will help you decide whether a particular tipper is in good condition and can be used without any problems. Ask for the service chart relating to the truck and check whether the truck was taken for regular service after the stipulated period. Additionally, let your mechanic check certain fragile parts that might have been damaged while it was operational. Some of these parts include the suspension system, the gearbox and the radiators. You can also check whether the wheels have sufficient tread on them, since getting a new set can be expensive. Finally, assess the hydraulic system that is used to operate the side tipper. A truck can be in good condition but have some defects on its hydraulic system. One way that you can be sure the tipper is working properly is to have the seller load the tipper and operate it.

The size of the carrier

The size of the carrier determines the amount of load that the side tipper can carry. If you intend to use it for a big project, then a large carrier is preferable. Additionally, you can also decide to purchase a side tipper that has a trailer with an extra carrier. This will be a cheaper option than having to buy two side tippers, since both of them can carry the same load. As such, assess the size of your project and use these estimates to decide which side tipper is appropriate for your needs.

Insurance history

It is also essential to check the insurance history of the truck, which is essential for several reasons. One is that it helps to determine whether the truck met the regulatory requirements before the insurance cover was issued. Secondly, it provides an assurance that the vehicle was properly taken care of while it was operational. This is because an insurance provider will always ensure the truck is properly repaired in case of an accident and that genuine parts are used in case replacement parts are needed.

Always bring along an experienced truck mechanic anytime you are shopping for a side tipper. The expert will ensure that you get a truck that is functional and suits your needs. Contact a company that offers side tippers for sale to learn more.

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