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One of the greatest fears of any new car owner is how to react if their vehicle breaks down. However, as they soon realise, car repairs should not cause panic if one is well-prepared.

The extract below offers some auto repair tips for new car owners.

Understand the Intensity of the Issue

Your first task is establishing the intensity of the issue. Some issues are easy to repair at home. For instance, a blown-out tire can be repaired using the tire repair kit or a jack and spanner to replace the tire. In other cases, the issue could be too complex to diagnose or repair. For example, the dashboard lights could come up, and the vehicle could stall in the middle of the road. If this is the case, consider engaging a mechanic to repair the car.

Always Vet Your Mechanic

Always vet your mechanic to establish they have the competence needed to repair the car. These pointers should help you vet the professional; 

  • Rely on online reviews, ratings, and car forum recommendations to establish reputable mechanics in your locality.
  • If you own a new car, you might want to consider mechanics with manufacturer accreditation. Sometimes, you could void the warranty if you hire inexperienced mechanics.
  • What services does the professional offer? Go for mechanics that offer comprehensive services to ensure you do not hire a new professional every time your vehicle breaks down.
  • Check the mechanic's repair conditions. Typically, they should guarantee to use original parts, complete repairs within an acceptable timeline, and offer a warranty on all repairs. 

Observe the Maintenance Schedule

Observing your car's maintenance schedule goes a long way in preventing most repairs. For instance, simple practices such as topping up the coolant and servicing the vehicle on time help prevent chronic problems such as overheating and engine knocks. However, how do you know your vehicle's maintenance practices? Your mechanic is the best source of this information. Online guides are helpful but not always accurate. For example, they could misguide you on the transmission fluid your vehicle uses. You risk damaging the entire system if you use the wrong fluid. Most manufacturers provide car owners with a long-term servicing schedule to ensure the service systems and replace parts on time. This guide comes in handy if you own a new car.

Car repair tips include understanding the intensity of the issue, vetting your mechanic, and observing the maintenance schedule. 

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