Why You Should Service All Your Cars On The Same Day

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A car service is a necessary task that all vehicle owners have to go through on a regular basis, but this can be quite annoying for those that own multiple cars. Always having to check whether your service is due and where you need to take it and so on can become quite a burden, and it is easy to make a mistake. That is why you should consider scheduling all your car services on the same day. While that might seem like more work, here are a few reasons why it can actually be a major blessing in disguise.

Maximum Efficiency 

The main reason why scheduling all your car services on the same day is so good is that it allows you to totally relax the other 364 days of the year when it comes to your car's maintenance. It also means you only have to organise back-up transportation for one day instead of two, and most car service places will offer a car for you to use while they service yours. Don't stress yourself and your partner out by worrying about when the car needs to be serviced next, why not do it together and try to enjoy the day off before coming to pick it back up.

Bundling Deals

It is common for car services to offer bundle deals for those who offer them more work, with some reducing the overall price of one or even both cars. For scheduled maintenance like a service, this is very easy for them to do as it doesn't cost them a lot of parts or man-hours. Be on the watch for the next time a mechanic offers a bundled car service deal and then jump on it, you may just save enough to pay for your lunch and a movie while they check out your car.

No Surprise Costs

It is very easy for a car service to sneak up on you when you least want it, and if repairs need to be done, this could be hundreds of dollars that you were not budgeting for. Being proactive about your car service means that you have another cost written off that you won't have to worry about springing up out of nowhere. If your family budget is tight, then keeping it all in order by staying on top of your car servicing is a very important tool in your arsenal. 

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