Factors Affecting the Performance of Refrigerated Vans

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Are you planning to start delivering chilled goods to the homes of your clients? Read on and discover some of the key factors which may affect the performance of the refrigerated vans which you use to make those deliveries.

The Doors

You need to pay attention to the doors which are installed on the refrigerated vans that you plan to use for home deliveries. Avoid selecting vans which have roll-up doors. This is because such vans may not always keep your products at the desired temperature since warm air will keep getting into the van each time the doors are opened to pick products at every stop. That warm air can cause the coils to develop frost. This forces the unit to switch into the defrost mode and cooling can slow down if the van stops frequently before defrosting is completed. Hinged doors are better since you can control the extent to which you open them, as well as how wide you want the back of the van to be opened. Less conditioned air will therefore be lost as you make deliveries.

Power Interrupt Switches It is also important for you to select refrigerated vans which are fitted with power interrupt switches. Those switches stop the fan of the refrigeration unit each time the doors of the van are opened. In this way, the fan will not suck warm air into the van when you are removing products at each of the stops that you make. Vans without these switches get plenty of warm air inside the storage section since the fan will keep blowing and sucking warm air when the van doors are opened. More energy will therefore be needed to maintain desirable temperatures within the unit.

Floor Design

Examine the way the floors of different refrigerated vans are designed before you select the vans to use. Pick vans whose floor design will allow you to arrange your products without stifling the flow of air within the unit. For example, select vans with floor racks in case you keep your products in crates. The floor racks will have space for air to flow underneath and around the products so that uniform temperatures can be maintained within the entire storage unit. Choosing the wrong floor design for your products can prevent proper air flow and temperatures will differ within the different sections of the van.

Not every refrigerated van available will be sutiable for you as you deliver chilled goods to the homes of your customers. Assess your needs and select vans whose features are ideal for your application.

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